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  1. The Good
    The Good
    The long warm days are making the truck work a whole lot more pleasant.
  2. The Bad
    The Bad
    So much to do and so little time to do it. Puddles still has an estimated 700 hrs of work to complete!!!
  3. The Outright Bizzare
    The Outright Bizzare
    Nothing bizarre at the moment just work work work!!!

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  1. Gary & Matt inspect the bulkhead
    01 Jul, 2016
    The logic behind the madness. The hab move, did we pull it off?
    The Logic behind the madness  We have had plenty of time to get to know our trucks and how we want to use and live in them and one thing seemed like an absolute must for us. We have to be able to get from the cab to the hab (previously called the workshop body) without setting foot on the ground. We wanted this, partly, for ease but mainly for all the reasons we could not foresee when it would be more beneficial to move between the two.  This meant cutting a hole in both the cab and the hab.
  2. Puddles & Matilda side by side
    01 Jun, 2016
    Puddles and Matilda join the team. Also known as 'so much to do and so little time'
    Springtime brings the DAF’s  This spring we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the DAF’s, now while that isn’t unusual as the daffodils are out every spring in the UK, the DAF’s mentioned here are the 2 ex MOD LEYLAND DAF's we have chosen to travel around the World in.   Having made the decision after visiting at the beginning of April all we needed to do was secure the funds for the purchases. That does make it sound a lot simpler than it was, we had been making small
  3. Cars, Vans or Trucks
    01 Apr, 2016
    Cars, Vans or Trucks
    Another month gone already, time is really flying past. But with each passing month our expedition takes shape just that little bit more, making it seem all the more real. We have made real progress on our vehicle decisions this month, there has been a lot of back and forwards with this vehicle or that vehicle as we wanted to make the best decision we could. But we have finally made a decision, if you follow us on Facebook it won’t be a surprise to you, although you may be interested in the
  4. Is it as simple as 1,2,3?
    01 Mar, 2016
    Is it as simple as 1,2,3?
    It’s often said that you don’t know what’s around the corner. It’s true you don’t. At the beginning of last year Matt had just returned from a sailing holiday around Cape Verde. Gary and myself had just moved to Hampshire, none of us knowing what our talks of adventure would lead us to.  The only thing we all we knew a year ago was that we had just booked our tickets for a 3 week adventure around Kerala, Southern India for June/July 2015. Less than a year later here we are knee deep in planning
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