Cars, Vans or Trucks

Cars, Vans or Trucks

04, 01, 2016


Matthew Payne


  1. Every story has to start somewhere.
    01 Oct, 2018
    Every story has to start somewhere.
    Every story has to start somewhere. When we first decided that we were actually going to go ahead and make our dream a reality we decided we would have a website about our build and adventure. As part of the website would include a blog, not a travel blog not a build blog just my ramblings put to paper (so to speak) so family and friends would know what we were up to. Now as I’m sure you will have noticed our website has been lacking in blog updates, this is partly because the build took up so
  2. Gary & Matt inspect the bulkhead
    01 Jul, 2016
    The logic behind the madness. The hab move, did we pull it off?
    The Logic behind the madness  We have had plenty of time to get to know our trucks and how we want to use and live in them and one thing seemed like an absolute must for us. We have to be able to get from the cab to the hab (previously called the workshop body) without setting foot on the ground. We wanted this, partly, for ease but mainly for all the reasons we could not foresee when it would be more beneficial to move between the two.  This meant cutting a hole in both the cab and the hab.
  3. Puddles & Matilda side by side
    01 Jun, 2016
    Puddles and Matilda join the team. Also known as 'so much to do and so little time'
    Springtime brings the DAF’s  This spring we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the DAF’s, now while that isn’t unusual as the daffodils are out every spring in the UK, the DAF’s mentioned here are the 2 ex MOD LEYLAND DAF's we have chosen to travel around the World in.   Having made the decision after visiting at the beginning of April all we needed to do was secure the funds for the purchases. That does make it sound a lot simpler than it was, we had been making small
  4. Is it as simple as 1,2,3?
    01 Mar, 2016
    Is it as simple as 1,2,3?
    It’s often said that you don’t know what’s around the corner. It’s true you don’t. At the beginning of last year Matt had just returned from a sailing holiday around Cape Verde. Gary and myself had just moved to Hampshire, none of us knowing what our talks of adventure would lead us to.  The only thing we all we knew a year ago was that we had just booked our tickets for a 3 week adventure around Kerala, Southern India for June/July 2015. Less than a year later here we are knee deep in planning
  5. Getting focused
    01 Feb, 2016
    Getting focused
    With Christmas and the New Year out of the way and the realisation that we only have another Christmas and New Year to spend in the UK before we set off,  we found ourselves focusing on a few important tasks. Starting 2016 focused on the end game, departing the UK April 1st 2017. So with our heads together we set about tackling some outstanding tasks with the aim of crosssing them off our list as being completed. First up was going live with our website. We’ve been working
  6. I like driving in my car!
    28 Nov, 2015
    I like driving in my car!
    Some days it feels like we are really making progress and others it’s just a bit blah. Matt, Gary and I have been meeting once or twice a week now for a little while to discuss all sorts of topics from how do we want the website to look and feel to what vehicle choice we are going to make. We all meet at our place (Gary’s and mine) chat and have some grub and then have a team meeting. We have gone around in circles a little bit thrashing out the finer details and of course with us all being
  7. Oops Butter Fingers
    20 Oct, 2015
    Oops Butter Fingers
    Everything seemed to be going so well. Website was beginning to take shape after many discussions about what we wanted and liked. Page's were evolving and coming to life. Pictures uploaded, many words written including our 1st blog about the progress of our project and then just like that it all comes crashing down around us.... no, not the building but the web site. 1 mistype and it was all gone! Oh not to worry for it was all backed up wasn't it? Turns out the back up didn't work either.
  8. Dreams to Reality
    01 Oct, 2015
    Dreams to Reality
    Well, it feels like the adventure is really begining to take shape. It's gone from the "this is what we want to do" to the "we are doing this" stage! There were a few fundamental events that contributed to this change. We've told our families, which was hard as we will miss our families a lot! They are all supportive which is really cool as we need there support to be able to do this. And we took the decision to tell our bosses at work, yes it’s possibly a bit early and 18 month notice period
  9. Scotland's North Coast 500
    07 Sep, 2015
    Scotland's North Coast 500
    Bank Holiday Weekend was probably not the best time to set off but it is how the road trip to the Scottish Highlands started. I would love to be able to say that the traffic fairies were kind and that there was no traffic at all but sadly, they were obviously busy elsewhere. It was a long hard drive to get to the Scottish border but worth every single mile. Although the weather could have been kinder, Scotland could not have been more beautiful. We had an absolutely fabulous time. We camped in