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Combe Valley campers actually specialise in VW camper restorations and builds. Luckily for us Leigh the owner just so happens to be Ex-British Army and is more than familiar with the Layland DAF T244.

Combe Valley have offered us advice and contacts throughout the build and have been invaluable in getting the build complete.

The vehicles are being renovated to very high standards and the ultimate finishing touch was to have thier names mounted on the front. We relised this had to be strong and durable. So we approced Cirrus laser to cut us polished metalic Letters for that finishing touch

Cirrus Laser Ltd is a Sussex based Sub-contract laser and waterjet cutting company with additional processes including CNC Machining (VMC); press brake folding, dedicated laser marking and surface finishing.
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T7Design Ltd develop and distributes innovative vehicle heating, cooling and ventilation products for Automotive, Commercial, Utility, Recreational & Emergency Vehicle markets. Our enthusiasm for designing the best products, coupled with 'in house' product development and manufacture allow us to produce high quality and cost effective solutions for your HVAC requirements.

They have supplied us with two 5kw Midi heaters to connect up to the Webasto water Heaters to heat the inside of the trucks.
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It was Combe Valley that sugested Raptor as a finish. Once we had talked to the rep and understod what raptor was all about we where sold.
There is simply no other tintable paint on the market with the properties of Raptor. If anything is going to stand up to a had life on the road its this stuff!!!

RAPTOR is one of U-POL’s unique super tough protective coating products.
It can be used over a multitude of surfaces and tintable RAPTOR can be tinted to any color of your choice, with the ability to create both smooth and textured finishes. RAPTOR is used for 4x4, automotive restoration, off-road, marine, agricultural machinery and general industry.

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Airtabs have been developed into a user friendly and attractive product that can be fitted on to most vehicles simply and quickly. They have been designed by aerodynamic experts to give optimum performance.

Thanks to Airtab Uk for thier  Airtabs came highly recommended and we look forward to putting them to the test.​
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Cabsnoozer is the first in-cab hammock for short and long haul truck drivers that lack a sleeper cab, designed to satisfy the need for a comfortable way to sleep during mandatory tachograph rest stops and extended periods of waiting.

We stubled across Cabsnoozer purley by accident when we met the Inventer Stephen Suanders. The Cabsnoozer looks super comfy and gives us extra sleeping capacity for guests. We look forward to getting our Cabsnoozers soon and will do a full write up on thier use.

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