Camper Build
Truck Body
Leyland DAF T244
A select few images from the conversion from Army Truck to Camper. All done by ourselfs.
Here are some images of the MOD demountable Workshop that fits onto the back of our Leyland DAF T244
Pictures of the Truck itself. A ex-Ministry of defence 1990 Leyland DAF T244 GS cargo body with demountable  workshop body fitted.
Past Adventures
Here you can catch up and see images from all the prep work thats going on. Including some stills from behind the scenes of the videos we have made so far.
We are always looking at ways to improve our skills and Dogwood photography studio has published their 52 week challange. Basically they set a weekly subject and we go and shoot it. Here are the results........
Here is a great place to see some of the adventure we have got up to in the past.