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Just-Escape was formed in an effort to try and encourage people to go and live their dreams. To stop waiting for some fictitious milestone in their head and to stop making excuses to themselves. There is never a good time but rarely is there a better time to go and live your dreams no matter what they are.
The Just-Escape team has embarked on this journey with a large pinch of hope and a huge dash of enthusiasm and nowhere near enough money to see it through. We hope that our passion for creating inspiring films is enough for our global audience to support us along the way. Please see our links on how to support us along our journey.
All the best
Gary, Matt and Tina 
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 way to take donations  because we get to see just  how much you enjoy  our work (plus there's  loads of goodies in it for  you too).
 It is no secret that those  pesky ads on YouTube  have been making some  
 people very rich. While
 we are not out to be the
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 Money is not always the  answer or maybe  donations are just not  your thing. Well, in that  case just like and share  our Facebook page with  the message  that anyone  can "just escape and live  their dreams". Hey you  never know who we might  find out there.