The Adventure


Have you ever dreamt of going on a big adventure? An adventure of over 60,000 miles, to new and faraway lands, where you get to discover Earth's hidden treasures and its most remote and far flung places. Have you ever dreamt of seeing the Wonders of the World, to feel like an explorer of old? Each day discovering new lands, where no person has stepped before. What if you discovered a lost city deep in the Borneo jungle?

Three Friends

The Team - Climbing

Two Leyland DAF's

Overland Toyota Hilux

Camping out under the stars, with everything you possess just a stones’ throw away. Open fire cooking and washing in the river. Thats a proper adventure. Each new place meeting the colourful local people. To find out if the people of Thailand really are full of smiles or the people of India are amongst the friendliest in the world. 

Or maybe you’re just drawn to somewhere like Nepal but don’t know why but its like an itch you have to scratch. Maybe your desire is simply to sample a cocktail on a beach and bathe your feet in the ocean and escape the rest of the world. What if your dream was to do all this and more? What if you could make that dream a reality, could you do it? Would you do it? Would you do it today? 


One Goal

Route Map
The three of us are just ordinary people doing something extraordinary. Escaping “normal everyday” life and living the adventure we’ve only ever dreamed of. So doing it today isn't exactly practical for us but taking the first step is. Our first step began with us making the decision to go, that was the easy part. The next step is to plan where we want to go and how we are going to get there.
Our trucking adventure is to circumnavigate the globe. We will start and finish in the UK and drive drive drive! Recording everything as we travel around, capturing the amazing sights and sounds of each country along the way. Blogging our adventures so family and friends can be entertained and kept up to date with our exploits and maybe inspired to join us for a while.

Circumnaviagte the World


We’ve told our families and informed our bosses (nothing like advance notice!!) Now we just have to save like crazy, plan what to buy and then set off. Obviously there is more to it, but that’s a starting point. The departure date has been set and it’s 24th September 2017. Follow our adventure through our blogs and tweets. We are happy to receive your words of wisdom or hear about your overland experiences so feel free to contact us.