Buying the Vehicle
There are many vehicle options for overland travel and they come in every shape and size you can imagine and caters for every budget. More on vehicle selection can be found here . This section will be covering our specific vehicle. They Leyland DAF T244.
Currently (Spring,2016) there are lots of the 4x4 DAF's available in the UK. This is because they have been taken out of service by the Ministry of defence (MOD). 

They can be purchased from a number of places and a quick google search will come up with a host of options including eBay.

​We decided to buy ours from Witham Specilist Vehicles LTD as we had only heard good things about them and they seemed  the largest of the MOD dIsposal specialists.

There are two ways that you can buy from Witham, auction or direct sales. We chose direct sales because these vehicles have a complete health check before sale. The auction vehicles are sold as seen and
​ would require an inspection before bidding. This was not practical for us due to the distances involved.  So we opted for a direct sale. We called to make an appointment. They were happy for us to visit the following day (a Saturday) It was there that we decided on the condition of the vehicle that we wanted. There were three to chose from grade one, two and three. We chose grade two, this was dictated mainly by our budget.

Key points

  • Avoid Cab Rust

  • Witham act very quickly

  • 30% deposit required

  • No choice in particular
  • vehicle

  • Decide on what grade you want

  • Delivery as short as 7-14 Days
We have been lucky enough to be in contact, indirectly, with a few REME's (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers) and we constantly got two bits of advice. Firstly, great truck - you can fix'em with a hammer and a roll of gaffer tape!! Secondly, Steer well clear of cab rust! Avoiding the rust was what pushed us away from the grade three and into the two's

Once home we contacted Dave at Witham and told him we were ready to buy. He sent us an Invoice same day for the two vehicles. All we had to do was pay a 30% deposit with the balance due within seven days of them finishing the mechanics checks..

The vehicles are then selected by Witham and put into a queue for the mechanics to give them the one over. For us this is going to be about 7-14 days but that can vary depending on thier work load.

Post deposit paid, there were a few other bits and bobs related to the trucks that we wanted. We contacted Dave again and he was very helpfull with all of our requests.

Next stop - Delivery 


Withams offered to deliver at cost using thier own transport. We shopped about and got quotes from two other haulers. One came back at double and the second we around £10 more. It bearly seemed worth the hassle so we decided to go ahead with Withams. The final cost that we paid prior to delivery was £650 +Vat. The distance was 150 miles. So with Vat included that equates to £5.20 Per Mile. They were delivered on a low loader. to the address and the driver follwed the specific direcations to avoid norrow roads to the farm as requested. We were asked how early the could arive. We advised 6am was fine. They were offload on site by 8:30am
Key Points

  • Withams Delivery cost was competitive

  • Early morning Delivery

  • Delivery within 4 days of final payment